Imagine that you are in a dream being chased through a thick forest by a large hairy beast under the moonlit night. This large animal is gaining ground on you and you are unsure of his intentions. As he reaches out and touches your shoulder you wake up and find yourself on a barstool being served an incredible beer by this gentle giant…… are not dreaming…… welcome to SQUATCH BREWING

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New England IPA with the great tastes of citra. Equal parts two row American & English malt. Soft accentuated water profile acquiescent to a great mouth feel. Chiefly dry hopped and fermented with two different yeasts. One of these days I will stop drinking this beer. OG1.071, IBU55, Color4.5SRM, ABV5.4%.
Arsenal Cider House! Hand crafted in small batches. Apple Cider is full-bodied and spiced with fresh ginger root. ABV8.5%
Never stop believing & never stop drinking this exceptional beer. Classic Centennial provides the bitterness that is uniquely balanced with Crystal and Vienna malts. This beer has hints of nut & a tart dry, slightly fruity finish. OG1.064, IBU63.7, Color6.2SRM, ABV5.7%
Like all “Boss Ladies” this is an extremely simple but complex blonde ale. A boss blonde with only four important assets. Plenty of German Pils, balanced profile, good head retention, and a noble hop. Tasty, crisp, and clean always improving with age. OG1.048, IBU21.1, Color2.7SRM, ABV5.2%
You SOB’s are going to love this New England Style IPA with soft silky mouth feel and superior schnoz. Water profile accentuates the English & American malts for a dry full body experience. Clean fruity tastes by mosaic. OG1.071, IBU53.4, Color 6.6SRM, ABV6.2%
Exceptionally dry, dark, and creamy with a coffee/chocolate finish. This light bodied beer looks intimidating but is friendly to the palate. Coupled with low alcohol & nitro make it fun to drink and pet. Finn says, “Drink More Beer” Listen to Finn he is ace with the Squatch! OG1.043, IBU40, Color33SRM, ABV4.1%
Kölsch style ale with German pale and Vienna malts. Katch up with the ale that drinks like a lager. Call your Kobes to place a single Stange in front of you & add a notch to your deckle. Remember, place your deckle on top of your glass when you had enough. OG1.047, IBU21, Color2.8SRM, ABV5.5%
Well balanced lager to be consumed by the liter. Be chary, drinkability and howling are synonymous. Like a wolf on a moonlit night you're yearning to howl will build until you burst. OG1.049, IBU23, Color4.2SRM, ABV5.2%
Mexican lager with lemon-lime tones. This Squatch can be found dancing in the Spanish Peaks of Montana celebrating the coming of spring bringing joy and beer to the region. Rejuvenating and utterly refreshing. OG1.050, IBU23, Color4.2SRM, ABV5.2%
American Weissbier (Wheat) brewed with German knowledge and American craft. The malt bill uses equal parts of German Pils and American Wheat. Unstoppable drinkability that will have you singing America the Beautiful in no time. OG1.060, IBU12.9, Color4.3SRM, ABV4.3%.
New England style pale ale that is “Crushable”. Brewed with Sabro a true bastard hops openly pollinated in the mountains of New Mexico as an offering from the Squatch to Jenny. She is now devoted and recognizes her true crush for this beer. OG1.052, IBU59, Color4.5SRM, ABV4.2%
A Red IPA style it is the red headed stepchild of brews. Without a Squatch in sight we felt is appropriate to name this beer after this special person. His un-canny crayon prowess created a label that is the envy of the beer world. OG1.054, IBU44, Color14SRM, ABV4.7%

We Also Sell PA Wines, Surfside/Stateside Vodka Soda, and Red Ribbon Soda


203 Townsend Dr. Monroeville, PA
Best Place for Squatch Sightings

Squatch Brewing is tucked away in an industrial park that gives the beast enough breathing room to serve many beer drinking hoptimists. The brewery can hold up to 50 loyal followers with beautiful wood-grained bar and tables that are reflective of the giant creature’s natural habitat.  Multiple flat screens play a diet of sports and Animal Planet.  We offer growlers, crowlers, and other PA made wine and spirits.

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